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Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Year In Review

Well, the year started off pretty bad. We found out my mother-in-law had cancer in January and she passed away in March.
 I took a job at the newspaper in Moncton placing ads in the classifieds. The job wasn't hard but the hours sucked (11am – 7pm) and not being with my kids was very hard for me and for them. So I left the job at the end of April so I could be home with my kids and babysit. I've never been more happy. This is where I belong.

Summer hit with a rain storm and cold winds, but we went camping anyway (it's what we do). The kids went to camp this year and while they were there Geoff and I went to Halifax to see Metallica. I have to say they were pretty awesome. The weather sucked though.

Then in August we took the kids on a Mediterranean Disney Cruise. They were so excited when we finally told them. We boarded the ship in Barcelona Spain.
Disney Magic
Barcelona, Spain

We had 5 ports of call but we only got off the ship for 4 of them. Geoff and I got to see Monte Carlo & Monaco.
Le Casino
Palace of the Crown Prince of Monaco

As a family we went to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Rome & Pompeii.

This was definitely the trip of a life time. 
Pirate night on the ship
When we got home we entered a flea infested house. That was a shocker for sure! We had treated our cats before we left and while we were gone the fleas fell off the cats and into the carpets. Not an easy thing to get rid of. However, with constant vacuuming and washing of the stuffed animals and all the bedding we did rid the house of the fleas. BAM! Take that fleas LOL!

We spent Labour Day weekend camping with family & friends in St. Andrews, in our new trailer.  Tons of fun to be had when you camp with great friends and family.

So the kids are back to school, Anna in grade 2 and John in grade 4 (french immersion). Both are doing very well. John is always being told he's the best artist in his class and his math marks are amazing. Anna is already doing grade 3 school work. God has blessed both of my children with the gift of being smart. Thank you Lord!

We have added a new family member this fall. His name is Forrest Gump (we call him Forrest). He's a basset hound/cocker spaniel mix. He has been keeping us busy and on our toes for sure. We put up our artifical Christmas tree last week and I had to call Geoff at work the other day and tell him to get me a small table top tree. The dog refused to leave it alone, he was chewing the lower branches an spinning the bottom half around. We removed the big tree (thank goodness it hadn't been decorated yet) and now have a lovely small tree that Forrest can not reach.

I love that little face
So that has been my year in a nut shell. God bless you all and I pray you all have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


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